Kids learn from human tutors, not pre-recorded videos

Our tutors give personal attention to your kids. No pre-recorded videos. Just the best teachers ensuring that kids learn and practice by doing homework by hand.

Don't just take our word for it

"Anish’s maths tutor was great, as was the material he sent for practice. He was also accomodative in the class timings."
"Our kids love the coding tutor. They are always excited for the classes, even though there is so much work involved."

“The team is very helpful and tries to address any issues which I have.”

Why learn from a human?

In today's world, we go to videos, apps or AI to learn something. But how often do we learn in a focussed way by this route?

It's easy to get distracted by some open tab, or message from a friend. Even more often we have more questions from the content.

Learning from human beings solves both of these problems. They make sure that we are focussed, noticing when we get distracted and bringing our attention back.

And they are always ready with answers to whatever spontaneous questions we have.

Which AI or video solves for this? 👇

The solution?

Forego the latest fads like AI or the pre-recorded videos or the latest "gamified" apps. The only thing which works in teaching is a teacher and a student together, learning.

The challenge here is to find the best tutor, one who has the domain knowledge and who can give the student the structure he needs.

So often, we just choose someone from nearby. But why settle for that when you can access the best teachers from elsewhere?

That's where we come in. We understand your needs and select the best person for you.
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What do you get from us?

Great tutors based on your needs at a good price (STEM classes are priced at $30 per hour)

Challenging coursework with extensive practice

Practice makes perfect. This is not a cliché, but a universal truth. Our experienced tutors ensure that students have plenty of practice problems and do them by hand. This active learning, is far more effective, compared to the passive learning of watching videos.

Tutors for whichever subject you need

We provide maths, coding, physics, chemistry, biology, english tutors or tutors for any other subject you might want. Tell us your needs and we will find high quality tutors for you, and work with you to achieve your educational aim.
We provide tutoring for competitive exams such AMC, USACO, SAT, Crave the Wave etc. And we also offer personalised courses e.g. a physics and coding course to create a physics engine for a computer game.

Deep understanding of students and subject

We take great pains to work with the best teachers. All our teachers are domain experts, who understand that personal attention and not just content, in the form of videos or books, is what it takes ensure that students learn well.
They have either passed some of the toughest exams in the world (e.g. the JEE), or have years of experience teaching the brightest students, or work in the best companies of their field.